Sunday, February 19, 2012

Administered IAS Study Circle

Dear Friends ,

I came across this Group where there is no spamming. Please see the objectives of this group from the creater of this group.

If you search in Yahoo group's listing you will get many IAS groups. But creators of this group have found that all those groups are lacking administration and hence lot of spams,and more over they are year wise ..none serves the purpose of one-stop. This is the only group where in administration is assured and we want to make this a group which will act as a one-stop-shop for IAS aspirants.The administration of this group is distributed among a group of people to ensure efficient operation. You will get the details of the group setting,moderators etc once you join the group.Please join and start using the group. Also let us stop using the other groups as soon as possible, so that we are on track soon.

-Let us belong to achieve success

The objective seems to be novel - even I have been a member of many such IAS study groups but most of them have turned out to be big time spammers - and I have unsubscribed from all of those. I just signed up to check this group - in fact true to its objectives there are no spams - its strictly regulated. So in this age of internet - if used properly these could be powerful tools for information exchange.
You can be a member of this group by sending an email to


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