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Personnel Administration - Stuff - Pressure on IAS officers

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Once inducted to civil services one of the most important things to learn is to cope up with pressure from political heads - to something which you thing is not right but compelled to do. Especially in the coalition regimes that will be common in future .The following story gives the same reason for mass resign of IAS officers. We can use this one point in the mains answer which requires to analyse the problems faced by civil servants


(News obtained from pakistan's website)

12 Indian bureaucrats resign

NEW DELHI: A major crisis has hit the Indian bureaucracy after a dozen senior Indian Administrative Service officers have resigned from service.

Most of them joined service in 1979 and were all likely to be promoted as additional secretaries by mid-June. From various state cadres, the officers include Sandeep Madan, Rajiv Krishnaswami, Vivek Srivastava, Pradeep Puri, Debi Prasad Patra, Vijay Laxmi, Padmini Desikachar, D Prakash, Mukesh Kackar ,Sanjay Kaul and OP Agrawal.

Sources in the Department of Personnel said their requests for taking premature retirements were under consideration. They said the cabinet secretary (CS) had called some of the officers to know the reason behind their resignations.

Reportedly, one of the officers said he was sick of the political pressure, interference in decision-making since the coalition government came into power.

Another officer has written to the CS that he had resigned, because a union minister had threatened him with dire consequences. 

( Now please dont ask me why it took almost 30 years for these officers to realise that there is political pressure :-) )

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