Friday, October 23, 2009

IAS Main Answer Writing: Understanding key words & tail words properly

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In the long answer questions (Long answer = 60 Marks & short notes = 20 Marks), Candidate need to read the question carefully and try to understand the real requirement of question.  

First & Most importance thing: 
Focus on question’s requirement & its Key words (tail words).  
Meaning of Key words (Tail words): 
Explain: It is conceptual in nature. You may have to bring out one concept in a detail. 

Elaborate: In elaboration the concept or idea is already given. You have to bring out a series of logic in support of the statement. 

Discuss: you have to bring out situations surrounding the topic. 

Analysis: it refers to taking various facts of parts or a given statement into consideration and bringing to light its nature or structure, you take each part one by one and examine. 

Examine: It refers to inspecting closely and bringing out facts i.e. you bring to light various aspects of given statement. 

Critically examine: it means inspecting closely and forming or expressing judgment. The latter is of greater relevant here. 

Illustrate: It refers to explaining or making clear by giving example.  

Why: It is asking the logic of certain things. If it is followed by you, it may solicit your opinion. 

What: The answer will be factual in nature.

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  1. you are right about this fine detail.. thank you.. there are a few more to the list, REVIEW, JUSTIFY and sometimes SIMPLIFY.. but i guess they are self explainatory..:)