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Personnel Administration - Stuff - IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Officers – What should be the Minimum Age

Seems like I am getting lot of material on personnel  administration stuff. Here author of the article opines that min age for IAS should be 30-31 yrs. Interesting thought ! ARC ( Second Administrative Reforms Comission ) thinks age should be reduced. As a student of pub ad we need to know both views ! it is and enjoy.

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IAS officers belong to elite administrative setup of Indian Society. IAS officers handle affairs of the government, they frame, implement & execute policies. An IAS officer is considered to be wisest, experienced, person with sharp mind, highly educated, with well versed with the rules and regulations.They represent the Government in other countries and in international forums. They are the highest level decision makers of Govt. They sign agreements on behalf of government. In the divisional level the IAS officers look after Law and Order, general administration, and development work. 

“Indian Administrative Service” the name it self commands respect from all the sects of society. But the qualification for being an IAS is mere graduation with no experience. As per my knowledge there are only two places where experience is not required or is considered as drawback one is IAS and other is marriage 

IAS service is looked high by the society, but the selection procedure requires lot of review with changing time and should be based on the need of the society. Are the newly appointed IAS officers fit for these highest posts? Does they have the knowledge of family, society, country. Till the appointment they don’t have the experience of running the home, how they will lead the country. 

Indian Culture was always combined family. Though today small families are there but still our children won’t be much matured compared to western countries. Age old procedures should be abolished. The YES SIR policy introduced by the British should be kicked out the and new methods and modalities should be adopted to make the IAS service regain its original dignity

Today the minimum age for IAS officer is 21 year. A final year appearing student can also fill the application form of Administrative Services. It means after clearing Preliminary, Main and Interview in a very less age of 22 to 23 year a boy or girl can appoints as IAS officer. No doubt the Civil Services exams are very tough. Only few brilliant students can clear the IAS exam. 

Is only Graduation should be base for appearing IAS. As per our Constitution, Indian Marriage Act a boy cannot marry even a single day before the age of 21 years – reason he may be physically fit for marriage but mentally and socially he is not matured before 21 years of age. Is it not funny that a boy cannot marry a day before 21 years of age stating that he is not matured to run his family and only few days – months after he can manage or bear the burden of our Country?

As per traditional Hindu Culture also the minimum age for marriage is 26 years. Reason is that boy is not fully mentally matured for taking policy decisions. Upto this age he can get higher education but he don’t have the practical experience / knowledge. He is considered to be learner by these age. 

For any technical post besides B.Sc. / engineering / technical diploma is compulsory. For accounts post accountancy course is compulsory besides commerce graduation / PG. So as for IAS officer why only graduation and not any other qualification. For Sports, Police, Military, Electronics young age is preferred for better results, but for decision making posts, experience is always preferred. This is a real truth which has been totally neglected in our constitution. A Doctor / Professor and other highly qualified personalities salutes the IAS. It is a matter of deep analysis.

The minimum age for appearing for IAS Exam must at atleast 30 to 35 years. Qualification for appearing should be minimum PG and having various qualifications as : 

1. 6 to 8 years of knowledge of working in field of Education, culture, society, science, technology etc after Graduation. 
2. Other Higher qualifications / achievements. 
3. Bonus marks for other qualifications, awards etc. 
4. Preference should be given to National Awardees, Athletes, Artists. 
5. Reservation must be totally avoided. 
6. Instead of Police Verification – an open notice should be circulated in News Papers, public places for inviting NOC for the candidates from the public and it should be verified strictly. 

The scrutiny of IAS officers should be totally free from corruption because how much corruption done by hundreds of clerks in month-years more than that is done by a single signature of a corrupt IAS officer. IAS is a person who makes rules for government. They are the key posts. Only school knowledge is not sufficient, they should be having social, cultural, family knowledge.

Knowledge and experience cannot be learnt / gained from books, it needs time. Experience cannot be learns in school, it is gained by age itself. If the selection procedure of IAS is revised, the more and more experienced / deserved / personalities will come to serve the nation with their knowledge and experience. 

These are authors personal views. You might not be fully or partly agree with author. Author has not commented any particular newly appointed IAS officer. Author doesn’t mean that every newly (new aged – below 25-26 years) appointed IAS don’t have experience. These are based on commerce rule ‘in-general’ 

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